/Crossing the colour line: Interracial marriage and Biracial identity

Crossing the colour line: Interracial marriage and Biracial identity

Autor: James Omolo

Zapraszamy do lektury nowej książki autorstwa James Omolo, w której traktuje on o problematyce małżeństw międzyrasowych i związanych z tym problemów tożsamości rasowej. Poniżej krótkie wprowadzenie do problematyki monografii:

With the increasing number of Africans in Europe and subsequent upsurge in intermarriages, there has been a rise of biracial individuals in most countries in Europe who do not fit in the realm of society’s social stratum. Marriages transverse ethnic borders, rising in frequency, yet the cognitive debate on ethnicity, race, migration, and how these variables affect couples and their children from interracial marriages is a serious hassle. This book therefore delves into the multiple realities of interracial marriages through personal narratives of those engaged in it and who go through it on a daily basis, in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Germany and Austria.I find that biracial individuals define their identities in different ways likewise; I also find that their parents define them in various ways too. Some biracial individuals are strongly attached to their Black racial identity, while others engage in contextual and situational racial identity work, in spite of how the society perceives them. This book is also designed to understand how Black-white interracial parents categorize and reconcile their children’s racial identity. Moreover, the objective of this research book is also to expose some of the approaches and strategies parents of biracial individuals convey to their children in order to influence or trivialise their racial identity. The book therefore, presents the research results on interracial marriage, looking at the multiple challenges that emanates from interracial marriage and how parents cope with the dual identity of their children